Our Mission

La Farfalla Music brings children close to music in a fun and educational way. 

From birthday parties to music classes, La Farfalla Music has everything children need to achieve milestones through the best tool of all - MUSIC.


La Farfalla - Musical Birthday Parties

La Farfalla - Musical Birthday Parties is ready to make your child's birthday celebration very special with lots of fun games, colorful crafts, face painting, wonderful bubbles, and of course, MUSIC!

We know how to make your baby’s 1st birthday a beautiful day to remember, the same way we can make your 8 year old's birthday party an awesome time to share with everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Give your child the best gift he or she could ever ask for: an AMAZING BIRTHDAY PARTY with La Farfalla Music.

La Farfalla Do Re Mi - Music classes for little kids

La Farfalla Do Re Mi - Music classes for little kids is a program especially designed for toddlers and preschoolers.

In every class, children get to explore their musical skills through fun and engaging activities that allow them to move, dance, sing and of course, play a variety of instruments, while learning the basics of music theory and grammar.

Musical Story Time...

Children like stories. That is why story times are so popular. But what children LOVE is MUSICAL STORY TIME! La Farfalla Music​ mixes the best of reading stories to children with the fun of singing songs, playing instruments and coloring pictures.